Sunday, 5 December 2010


Friday afternoon found me busy making a luscious, decadent, organic, rich dark chocolate cake for my friend’s 50th birthday


I was just in the middle of piping melted chocolate into lace sails when my phone rang…


It was someone from Nuffnang to tell me I’d won the Christmas Blogger Challenge with my blog post entry (Making Decisions in Seven Easy Steps).

I started screaming and jumping around frantically (as you do)


I managed to get dark chocolate all over the place (as you do), the poor woman on the other end of the phone probably got a burst eardrum (sorry about that), I was so excited to actually WIN something big.


So a massive thank you to Nuffnang for holding the competition, and for being so awesome in general. I really had a great time making my entry, it was lots of fun :) and I can’t wait for my iPad to arrive; I’ll definitely let you all know when it gets here!

Oh, and as for the chocolate cake…


It was a huge success, despite the distraction



  1. OMG! I'm so jealous. Congratulations!!! That's awesome, and that cake looks fabulous.

  2. Awesome! I am so happy for you~ Your entry deserved to win, very creative and fun and it describes you and your blog perfectly!
    Have fun in your travels! :)

  3. OMG.. Congratulations! I have an ipod touch (which is just the same as an ipad but smaller) and I LOOOOVE it. There are so many LOVELY free apps- I don't think I've paid for anything yet!!

  4. Congratulations lovely one, now can I have a piece of that cake? It looks AWESOME!

  5. Congratulations !!!

    BTW those Strawberries and cake looked very YUMMMM...

  6. thanks everyone! I'm really excited, even more so because I really tried to win this, it wasn't like I bought a lottery ticket and got lucky.

    and apparently the cake went down very well (Littletree got sick so I had to leave the party early and never got to see it cut or anything). I'll gladly make something similar for any of my friends turning 50 ;P
    (or any age, for that matter)

  7. Congratulations gorgeous goddess, it was such a wonderful blog post so I'm very glad that you won.

    The cake looks wonderful, I haven't had an excuse to make a fancy cake in ages, and now I'm feeling all inspired, hmm maybe I'll have to find an excuse to whip one up soon :)

  8. sweet! that rocks! i'm so happy for you!! and us because now we can follow your travels. ;)

    that cake makes me want to lick my screen. :) luckily, i happen to have chocolate on hand so i can have a taste, but no strawberries...

  9. Congrats! I knew you'd win;)

  10. lea, I'm sure you can come up with an excuse to make a cake. after all, tomorrow is TUESDAY!!!

    tansy, don't lick your screen, apparently they're not very high in nutritional content ;P

    and thanks araid ♥

  11. that is awesome!!!! i'm so excited for you! and the cake is amazing! xx

  12. thanks Erica! See you at Airlie Beach ;)

  13. In a few months there will be my birthday.... 8-P

  14. May 31st (Btw, I am Andreadavide aka Uaz85 on Flickr...)...
    ... erm... I fear that the sweets wouldn't stand the travel to Tuscany... 8-(

  15. Ah, now I know who you are :)
    I'm a May baby too - 17th!

  16. wow congrats! that is awesome! the cake looks amazing, too!

  17. Hello Gorgeous,

    Still thinking of You with Love& a smiling heart...)
    I meant to share this with You:
    Shade and sweet water***Khalila

  18. oh hey Khalila, haven't heard from you in ages :)

  19. this is not fair.... i didn't get anything like this.... if i did.... i might of stayed... looks so yum

  20. oh Jahtree, I've made you nice cakes before. and you had ice cream, don't forget.


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